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Monday, May 12, 2014

Slow is Good

I've had to repeat this phrase out loud to myself several times over the past few months. Slow is good. It's actually really good. But to a fast-paced, run till you drop or faint, go getter like me (or so I liked to think), sometimes you have to learn that the hard way. And now I'm not sure I could run any faster even if I wanted to.

Prior to my move to Waco, I knew I was beginning to feel burnt out, yet wasn't sure how to slow down, or if I wanted to. And now my life feels painfully slower than it ever has before. It's almost as if God put on the breaks and now I've settled into a slow and steady rhythm. A rhythm that from the outside looking in looks insignificant. But a rhythm that is doing so much more than what I can see with my eyes.

And it's in this slow rhythm that I'm learning to run long rather than to run fast. 

And now that life is slow, it's opened so much space I didn't know I was missing. It's allowed me to find out what actually refreshes me, to discover rest, to pace myself, and to just be still. For a do-er like myself, it's a discipline to learn to be. To learn to stop thinking. Stop planning what's next and how I'll get there. Stop trying to move forward. Stop moving. And just be.

With summer peaking it's head from around the corner, it's easy to try to fill our calendars with things to do, places to see and people to meet. I do enjoy those things, but this summer I'm going to enjoy being, anticipating the breakthrough that's coming, learning to savor each moment, and celebrate life, even when it's slow. Because slow is good.