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I have been forever changed by friendship with Jesus, and I hope that if you take anything away from this blog, it's that He loves you and desires to have a relationship with you!

I'm originally from Kansas, but many have heard me say, more than a few times, "there's no place like Waco." I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Communication, Sociology and a certificate in Arts Engagement. I have a thing for start-ups and have experience in church planting, nonprofit management, marketing, retail and event planning. New beginnings are my favorite and I love the bottom floor, from branding to strategy to everything in between. College basketball is my secret, not so secret passion, as well as the Fourth of July, and I'd rather be caught dead than wearing flip flops. I'm a self proclaimed dreamer and entrepreneur and am always looking to try my hands at something new. Whether you're here to browse my blog, check out my portfolio, or just say hi, I'm glad you're here!