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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get Your Gatsby On (Roaring 20's Loveshack Style)

I live in a house with 8 girls. That means that there is constantly people around, something to do and fun to be had. I absolutely love living here (at the Loveshack). Praise God I'm an extrovert - because if not our house may be a little overwhelming. :) Six of the girls lived in the house last year and I was privileged to step into the culture/atmosphere they have created. It is so refreshing to live with girls who are in the same season of life as me. Here's to an epic, fun and adventurous senior year!

One thing this house is really good at is throwing parties. A couple weekends ago we hosted a 1920's party. The front lawn was transformed into a Gatsby Garden scene with porch lights, mocktails, swing dancing, and even a live band. Most of our attendees dressed for the occasion, which made the party look like a scene straight from the book. Anyone that knows me knows that I love themes - especially when I can go all-out. This party was no exception.

Because the party was mostly set up outside people walking by our house saw and joined in. Our house is two blocks from campus, so we're used to a lot of traffic. Some were so intrigued that they came in and chatted for a while. We had several visitors that probably wouldn't of otherwise come to our house.

Below are some photos my roommate Kaley (who's an incredible photographer, by the way) took of the party. Hopefully this gives you a little taste of my life in Lawrence this semester.

The roomies. Please notice Bitti on the far left. 

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