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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Hero Revolution: Julie Steadman

Last semester I was privileged to spend time with Julie Steadman who has been a friend, teacher & spiritual mother to me. After moving to Kansas again, I was so thankful she reached out to me in the midst of a different  & difficult season. I have felt so known, loved and supported by this woman. I've also learned volumes from her.

Julie displays the kindness of God and is so gentle. She comforts others quickly and tenderly yet speaks powerful wisdom and truth. I feel so at home when around her. Thankful for the mother's heart she carries and how she draws people into the heart of God. She is quick to adopt others into her life and family and has spoken sweet identity over me. God knows the deep ways her investment in my life has marked me!

Also, I'm honored to be a part of the legacy she's leaving. She has sought God's heart for this place and these people and has invested in many. Excited to come behind her and continue to press-in for what God has for Lawrence. I really feel the ground is so tender and ripe for harvest because of the many who have plowed before me, some for a long time. I am honored to step into what other's have sowed.

Here's to Julie and the powerful legacy and impact she is leaving on this city!

World Mandate 2012

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