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Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrate: The Navajomies

I'm taking the next few weeks to celebrate certain people, events and moments because I've been changed by the value of celebration. To celebrate means to mark ( a significant or happy day or event), to observe or commemorate, to make known publicly, or to praise widely. When I celebrate or rejoice, it takes my eyes off myself and onto Jesus and others. To celebrate is give my attention and focus. To celebrate is to choose a different perspective. And what I love about celebrating or rejoicing is that it's possible in any circumstance. Today I thought I'd celebrate some of my favorite people and sophomore roommates, the Navajomies.

The year was 2010 when we moved into a cozy apartment together down the street from campus. I had no idea I would soon begin one of the most fun years of my life. We called our home the Navajome and we became known as the Navajomies. There are few people I laugh with as much as these three.

Claire, Megan, Lauren and I decided to have a reunion during winter break because the last time the three of us had been together was spring of 2011. Claire, our brilliant, adventurous roomie, decided to study abroad in Scotland and eventually transferred. Although I'm sure Europe has been a dream, those of us in the states have missed her dearly. Lo-Bear, hands down the coolest person we know, started grad school in the fall, but found some time between clinicals and her sporty BF for this epic event. And Megs, the creative queen, just so happened upon the reunion location of our dreams: a tipi. Yes, a real life tipi.

If I were to pick the wildest thing I did over break, it would definitely be this. We called the reunion Navonimo (pronounced Nov-on-i-mo). It was the perfect trip to relax, get refreshed and laugh more than I have all year! Not to mention one of the best dance parties I've ever seen. WHAT. A. BLAST. There's such a freedom with these three to let my guard down and totally be myself.

My fav thing about Claire, besides the fact that she actually laughs at my jokes, is that she is so secure yet so honest. She's comfortable in weakness, which is so refreshing. Praise God for a woman who models security in Jesus, yet powerful, raw vulnerability. If I were to encourage Lauren, the first thing I would say is the way she presents herself and her ideas. She speaks gently with so much wisdom. Her words carry so much weight. Plus you're always guaranteed a good time with this one. And Megs. Ahhh what a gem. This woman knows how to be content in all circumstances. She is also one of the most creative people I know. These women are going to change the world, and I'm honored to share so many experiences with them! Below are some photos from our trip.

(Photos by the talented Claire Aufhammer)

Also, check out this awesome video Megs made of the trip! 

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