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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrate: The End of Winter Break

Alas, break has finally ended and I am back in my cozy little room in Lawrence, KS. Winter, however has not. I arrived back in Kansas yesterday morning to a beautiful 17 degrees. Needless to say, the fuzzy socks are on and the space heater is cranked full blast.

It seems so long ago that I finished finals, packed up my things and headed home for the last few weeks of 2012. Something has happened in my heart in the last month and a half that has changed me. Today marks the beginning of a new semester and I am excited, envisioned and expectant for what 2013 brings! Here's to a year of richness, exponential growth, open doors, new dreams and new colors.

After leaving Lawrence in December, I felt completely exhausted and worn out and was sure I could sleep for days. There were places of discouragement that crept into my heart and I felt as though I never wanted to pick up a pencil or plan another thing again. I knew I needed something fresh from God during the break and was desperate for something new. Once again brought to my knees by my own weakness, I started asking. I asked God for energy; to not feel tired anymore. For encouragement and even new shoes. I asked for a reminder of why I was doing what I was doing. I asked for fun. For expectations to fall off. For refreshment and new life. And most of all I asked for deep encounters with God that would leave me marked for the next year, and even for the rest of my life. Now, standing on the other side, I can confidently say every one of the things I asked, feeling so small and weak, were received. And then some. 

For the next few weeks, I plan to celebrate some of my favorite moments from the past 2 months. I'm so convinced that celebrating in the middle of any circumstance is powerful. Regardless of whether you feel broken, deserted, happy, on fire or lonely, celebrating in the midst of it all is something we must learn. It just might bring a new perspective, breakthrough or increase of joy, like it has for me. Feel free to tune in and celebrate with me. :) 

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