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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrating Friendship

Yesterday was my sweet friend, Emily Burge's birthday. So honored to know her! My life in Lawrence would be drastically different if I hadn't of met Emily! 
This girl loves Jesus. One of the most intentional, vulnerable, covering people I know. She encourages others and loves people out of compassion. She has one of the sweetest mothering hearts. 

So here's to Emily - she is so worth celebrating! 

As I reflect on her friendship, I am reminded of the kindness of God in my life. Since transferring to KU in January, I have been amazed at the ways Jesus has provided for me. He has gone before me in every way! Although one of the hardest parts of leaving Waco was moving far from friends, I have been extremely blessed by new friendships. When we risk with God, He takes care of us in every way. He covers every step and has gone before us even before we agree to saying yes. Thankful that Jesus has gone before me in this place and prepared this sweet friend to do life with. 

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