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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The First Risk

I've decided to start a new blog. Rather than sending out a monthly newsletter, I thought it'd be easier/more fun to blog instead. It seems the trendy thing to do these days is blog, so I thought I'd join. However, let me warn you - the blogs I've attempted to keep up in the past haven't lasted long. In fact, my last blog only lasted 3 posts. Thus, creating this blog was a risk. A rather small one, but a risk none-the-less.

What is risk? That is after all, what this blog seems to be about thus far. According to the online dictionary, to risk means "to expose someone or something valued to danger, harm or loss." Another definition I found was "the danger or possibility of loss". Several things contribute to risk. The first is that the outcome is uncertain. The second is that exposure is inevitable. Oftentimes the scarier the risk, the more implications the risk has. Because we weren't created as islands - each person affects others - the outcome then leads to exposure or even consequences, positive and negative.

Life is full of risk. Over the past year I have been so challenged by men and women in scripture who chose to say yes to God no matter the cost. Jesus himself even modeled risk. He was willing to risk all and invest everything in you and me so that we could find new life. I have been radically changed by this truth and am learning to risk with God, who knows the ultimate outcome. My life is in the hands of the Creator, who works for my good and fulfills the desires of my heart. Oh, He is good!

My goal in creating this blog is to recount the faithfulness of God in my life and to reflect on His sweet mercies. Every time I say yes to God, I get to see His character even more. Risk truly does breed intimacy with God. I hope this blog encourages you and points you to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Although I can't predict how often I will post, I hope to write more soon.

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