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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eyes Open to See His Kindness

This morning I remembered a prayer my old roommate and dear friend Laura Stafford and I prayed last August. Laura is one of my closet friends that challenges me and consistently encourages me to fix my eyes on Jesus, not myself, others or circumstances. She models this well. She asked if we could make a list of things to pray to hang in our bathroom. One of the first items on the list was to pray for God to open our eyes to see His kindness. We hung it visibly so that every time we went to the bathroom, we could look at the list and pray. I mean, everybody goes to the bathroom, so why not pray while you're doing it? Today I am blown away by the fruit of that simple prayer. Jesus has opened my eyes wide to see His kindness and I am amazed, humbled, honored and thankful all at once. 

Over the past few months, Jesus has been speaking sweet identity over me. One morning I heard Him say to be attentive to His affection. My heart has been in a really raw, vulnerable place with the Lord recently and I've entered into a sweet healing process with Him. And I have been radically changed by His kindness. He pays attention to every part of my heart. He is tender, sweet and gentle. He knows which coffee cup I love drinking out of in the morning. He knows that I love wearing stripes. He knows which shirt is my favorite. He knows that I love to make music videos. He knows which songs I listen to on repeat. He knows that I love wearing things in my hair. He knows the simplest details. Because He's attentive. Rather than thinking something is a coincidence, instead thank Jesus for it, believing He is just sweetly pursuing you and showing you His kindness. 

On Wednesday mornings I get together to pray with my sweet friends, Lindie & Carrie. This morning we all prayed to see His kindness. I also brought a request before the group. I have been asking the Lord for provision for this summer and for plans to fall into place. I am working at a camp in July but needed income for the first half of the summer plus am really believing for a month of refreshment. (Sidenote: the themes for camp this summer are holiday , which I'll obvi sport 4th of July apparel, and New Years, which is an excellent chance to bring out the glitter - two of my favorite things! Jesus so knew.) I have been asking the Lord for provision and for an opportunity to be refreshed/refueled. 

This afternoon I received an e-mail with a job offer that pays above and beyond what I could of asked for. Plus the job is only for 2 weeks and will be done before I leave to go to Wichita for my brother's graduation. Jesus provided the perfect job in the perfect time frame that pays abundantly more than I needed! Although I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing in June, I am confident that Jesus has refreshment for me! I was reminded of that prayer I prayed last semester and am blown away by the way Jesus has been answering that each day! He is truly opening my eyes to see His kindness. 

In Luke 12 Jesus says do not worry about where you're going to get your needs met, because "your father needs you need them. Instead, seek His Kingdom, and all these things will be added to you. Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." Let us seek Jesus and trust that it's His delight to give abundantly. 

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