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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Greg!

Today my little bro turns 19! I'm so thankful for my brother, Greg! He is a man of God who is going to change the world! I thought I'd take some time to recall some of my fav memories with Greg and tell you a little about him.

Greg is an incredible leader. People follow him because He is a gatherer, influencer & great communicator. He has the mark of leadership on his life. I have loved getting to see him lead others, especially my sister and those at his school.

He also is a protector & watches out for others. Last year I got a phone call from Greg during my spring break mission trip. He called and was so worried about my sister. He calmly asked for advice in how to protect and honor her well. He asked me to pray for him and said he was committed to standing up for our little sister and handled the situation with such integrity and grace. I was so impressed by his mature heart. What's cool is that Greg's name means watchman. He is called to watch and protect others and lead them towards Jesus!

One of my favorite things about Greg is that he is super goofy & charasmatic. He consistently makes others laugh and is such the life of the party! He's the kind of guy everybody wants to be around. He is known by people and has the respect of many. I'm so honored to be his sister! Can't wait to see you next week, Greg!

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