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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Firsts of Spring 2012

I love the first day of each month. I also love writing the date. I'm partial to lower numbers, so I love when the numbers start in the single digits again. Needless to say, I'm very excited that it's May 1st. What a sweet day it has been. I woke up this morning expectant and felt like the Lord told me to spend time with Him outside. I was greeted by pink peonies blooming in our front yard and proceeded to cut a few to put in our kitchen. (Flowers are my fav). As we enter the month of May many things are coming to a close: school, leases, finals, ect. But instead of reminding you all that we're close to the end, I thought I'd write about the many firsts I had this year.

1. I moved to Lawrence. That's a first.
2. I ran a half marathon. Whew, that was def a first.
3. I lived in my own room. (Which I actually enjoyed a lot).
4. I turned 21.
5. Thanks to the sweet & persistent Laura Stafford, I made my bed (almost) every morning without being asked.
6. I subscribed to a magazine. (Actually, my Dad used his frequent flyer miles to buy me a subscription to Time. I've been up on the news for the first time ev.)
7. I tried goat cheese ice-cream. Surprisingly good. I'd recommend it.
8. I went to a fish-fry.
9. My most frequent study spot was a grocery store.
10. I was 100% surprised for the first time in my life when my dear friend Bethany flew to Kansas for my birthday. I HAD NO CLUE. (Usually I have some sort of idea that something is going on).
11. I purchased and wore my first pair of Birkenstock sandals. Totes worth the investment.
12. I slept in a hammock.
13. Starbucks and I became real good friends.
14. I lived walking distance from Urban Outfitters. Supes dangerous.
15. I enjoyed doing school & homework.
16. I went to St. Louis.
17. I only made 2 music videos all semester. (Wish you were closer Lo Bear & Megs)
18. I wore top knots.
19. My new favorite color is orange. (Not the obnoxious construction color orange, but the neon-ish tangerine-y shade).
20. I got bangs. (This actually isn't a first, but the last two times I got bangs turned out to be disastrous mistakes. Just look at my Driver's License. Thus, this was the first time the bangs actually worked).
21. Speaking of driver's licenses, I'm currently driving with an expired one. Whoops.
22. I actually enjoyed & got into sports. What a year KU basketball! I'd say I'm a fan now. (Sorry, Dad).
23. Last weekend I got to take pictures of my little sis at her 1st prom! Can't believe she's that old!
24. I did my laundry just about weekly. That's a first.
25. I drank margaritas with my parents. SO WEIRD.
26. I never took off my watch all semester long. (Got a sweet tan line too).
27. I'm going to work at Kanakuk this summer.
28. I purchased and wore fake glasses.
29. I became the co-owner of a bed & breakfast (without the breakfast)... AKA The Loft. (We still got another few weeks here if ya want to stay!)
30. I was featured in the local newspaper. It wasn't really that exciting, but my picture and quote appeared!

I hope you enjoy the last few hours of May 1st!

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  1. Tori! I would like to say that I read every single one of those, and every time, I thought about how cool you are. :) Twitter tells me you will be in Waco this summer. Let's hang out!